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Refabb is a leading resource for intelligent construction solutions coupled with original space planning + design that is always fiscally responsible, enabling our clients to maximize their ROI. We are not in the art business, we are in the business of increasing the value of our client's assets + quality of life with original design + construction solutions.

Our services include interior design, space planning, general contracting, project management + brand management/marketing/PR. We utilize an external roster of AIA Architects on a project basis, providing clients with architectural services without any markup. Our in house General Contractor + Construction Whisperer is also available to perform as Consultant, Project Manager + Owner's Representative on construction projects undertaken by other general contractors. All of which results in keeping projects honest, on schedule + on budget. Our in house design team can work with you on simple cosmetic lipstick projects through to complex ground-up rebuilds for both residential + commercial properties.

Refabb's Asset Management + Development division works with individual + group Investors to identify, purchase, Refabb + resell both residential + commercial/hospitality properties. Presently, the climate of the market is especially conducive to expedited Refabbing + resale of REO inventory. Refabb is interested in increasing our network of real estate/asset management professionals with access to REO inventory. Please call to schedule a meeting if you have a listing or if you are a direct Owner or Asset Manager of REO property that would benefit from our brand of intelligent Refabbing.

Ultra-stylish Refabbs do not require a substantial budget. Great ideas cost the same as pedestrian ideas, in fact, they often cost less. From modest lipstick touch ups through to ground-up construction, Refabb can help with your project + real estate investment.

But enough about us! What can we do for you?

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