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Sometimes even a home needs a second chance with a little touch up here + there. The bones are good, but a few cosmetics would work wonders! If you have a property that is run down, with its glory days in the rear view mirror, Refabb can help with swift, savvy CPR that will provide your home with a second chance to be fabulous.

If your home is on the market + generating low ball offers south of your listing price, if you are making price reductions regularly or are on the brink of a short sale, Refabb can help, stat. Or, if you have just bought a property + it needs a little lipstick to make it liveable, our Property CPR is the perfect solution. Refabb's Property CPR is usually restricted to cosmetic touch ups with smart design details incorporated to improve the appearance of your property + ready it for relaunch.

Refabb's Property CPR is an excellent tool to help sell a property or to make it move in ready. Or if you are renting an apartment + would like to quickly spruce up your space for a modest outlay without any heavy lifting. For more details on how we can show your place a little love + give it a second chance to shine, you know what to do, call us!

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