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We place a special emphasis on Refabbing distressed or REO properties for Investors, Buyers + Sellers wanting to fatten the bottom line. A fabb rehab by Refabb will ensure a property is completely repositioned to attract the broadest possible target market while minimizing time on the market.

With any economic downturn, comes opportunity. Refabb is highly focused on collaborating with investors to identify, purchase, Refabb + resell distressed properties. Time is of the essence to renew a subject property to ensure a speedy resale + realize profits. Our Asset Management division has substantial expertise in identifying the most viable primary + secondary target markets + then Refabbing properties intelligently. Creating silk purses from the proverbial sow's ear is a hallmark of Refabb.

To learn more about how Refabb can help you achieve a profitable resale of distressed property, you know what to do, call us!

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